Ambient Sound by Fr33z0r

1: First Create an Air- brush with a room brush around it 
   Menubar-tools-compute patchfinding database,
   Menubar-tools-build room data base
   click the blue box: script_load convict   press "enter"
   In Dromed2 you should write this and script_load gen "enter"

2: Click in the blue lower left box again and write exactly:
   find_obj ambientsound "enter"
   a new window should appear, and the object: ambientsound should 
   be highlighted in blue. press "create"
   create the AS somewere in the middle of the room.

3: select the Ambientsound and press "properties"

4: press the "add" button, "A"-"AmbientHacked"

5: A new window should Appear, And look something like this:
   Radius:         0
   OverrideVolume: 0
   Flags:          [None]
   Shema Name:     
   Aux shema 1:
   Aux shema 2:

6: Change it to this:
   Radius:         30
   Overridevolume:  0
   Flags:          [Envorimental]
   Shema Name:     m02abyss
   Aux shema 1:    
   Aux shema 2:     

   The radius means: when you stand 30 feet Away from the AmbientSound will start playing the sound

   The "Environmental"  makes the sound play 
   for ever until you enter a new sound
   You don't have to change the "Shema name" m02abyss. You can change it to lots of other sounds\music

7: menubar-tools-portalize, 
   menubar-tools-build room database, 
   menubar-tools-compute patchfinding database.

   That should do it: go to gamemode (alt+G) (alt+E will bring 
   you back to dromed) and try it out!!

this tutorial was made by fr33z0r

if you copied this tutorial let me know, I just want to know how many people it is that copied it.:

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