VO Traps by Fr33z0r

1. create an Air- brush
2. create a room brush around it
3. portalize
4. compute patchfinding database
5. build room database
6. click the lower left blue box
7. write: find_object VOtrap
8. on the new window press "CREATE"
9. create the room brush somewhere in the room, it doesn't matter were
10. take a note of the number
11. select the room brush
12. click "create"
13. click "base room" then "add"
14. enter a new name for the room so it gets a new number, like: 
    locked, click "ok" and when dromed asks if you want to concrete 
    room click "yes"
15. click "edit"
16. add-S-Scripts
17. in the new window write exactly: TrigRoomPlayer
    without space. this tells dromed that this room will play a sound.
18. now select the room and click on "links"
19. click: "add"
20. Flavor: Controldevice
    From  : room#
    To    : VOtrap#
21. click "ok" and "ok"
22. click on the VOtrap and click on "links"
23. Flavor: Sounddescription
    From  : VOtrap#
    To    : [a sound] like: "gar002" without the quotes
24. now yo can enter the game mode and check it out!!
25. as you could hear garrett said: "locked I will need a key to 
    open it." every time you entered that room. we don't want that 
    to happen don't we?
26. click the blue box: press: "f" and then the "tab" 
    button(the one with two arrows) you should now see: 
    find_obj VOtrap
    delete VOtrap and write: destroytrap
27. create te destroytrap some were in the room.
28. link the room to destroy trap with controldevice
29. link the destroy trap to VOtrap with Controldevice
30. It should all be setup now.
31. Try it out
32. build a mission with Votraps as I did in this mission:
          "Revenge on the Hammers"
it is also mine first FM (fanmission) but I am not finished yet.
It is very small!!

do you have Questions? I might be able to answere. But hey I'm 
just a Newbie at this

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