Area Brushes

This is a simple topic that I guess a lot of people don’t know much about, but it’s extremely useful. If you’ve started building a level of any size at all, you’ll notice that the 2d windows get real messy after a short while. This can’t really be fixed by filtering, as filtering out all the “terrain” is pretty counterproductive when you’re still trying to build. So, ta-da! Area brushes to the rescue!

When you’ve finished a certain area of your level, (say, a few rooms, or a basement or something) click on “Area” and drag out a brush that completely surrounds the bit that you’re finished with. You don’t want this brush to be any bigger than it has to be. After the brush is of proper size, you’ll see some new options on the left side. The first thing to do is give the area a name, by clicking on “name” and typing something clever.

After that, you can play around with the buttons above. “Activate” sets the area brush (and everything inside it) as “active”. “Show Hot” filters out everything but the active areas. “Me Only” filters out everything but the selected brush. Be careful with one thing though. Stuff that’s filtered out no longer shows up in the 3d window and doesn’t get portalized (so it doesn’t exist in game mode). If you want to go through all of your level, click “show all” to show all areas and portalize. In the meantime, when you only work with certain areas, the “persistent_player_pos” command is your friend.

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