A Few Creative Ideas

This is a tutorial about how to make a few things. 1. Climbable trees. A. First make a tree. For this example, we will use a ‘DetTree3Fall.’ It is in ‘Physical-Vegetation-Trees-Regular Tree-DetTree3Summer-DetTree3Fall. Create one in your level. Select the tree, and go to its properties. Click on the little plus sign next to ‘Model,’ and double click on Attributes. Where it says ‘Climbable sides’ put everything except for –Z. Your tree in now climbable. Also, what you can do is go to the properties for the tree and under DetTree3Fall-Shape-Model Name you can change it to vindec2, and now you have a vine that is climbable. B. This tree (or vine) can be best used as an alternate entry into your level, such as putting it by a balcony or a wall for the player to climb over. 2. Rotating rotisserie chicken A. Make a RotisserieChick. It is in Household-Food-RotisserieChick. Create it in your level. Now click on properties, and add tweq-rotatestate, where it says AnimS, select ‘on,’ and click ok. Now add tweq-rotate, in there, where it says halt, select stop tweq. In the AnimC field, put ‘no limit.’ In MiscC, leave it at [None], and in CurveC, select jitter high. On the primary axis, put 2. down in the y rate-low-high, for X, put 2, and for Z put 90. and click ok. Now your chicken should be rotating. B. Put your chicken over an open flame, and let it roast until ready for eating. 3. Making “solid” buildings A. There has always been the question of why the buildings in Object Hierarchy-physical-TerrainLike-Buildings are not solid. The answer is because they are supposed to be for decoration, in places the player cannot reach. Here is something I made up so the building will act “solid.” Make a building, any one of them. Now go make a fence in Object Hierarchy-physical-TerrainLike-Fence-10’ironfence. Go to the properties on the fence, and click Add-Renderer-Transparency (alpha) and set it to 0.00. Make a bunch of these, and place them around the building, close enough to make it look like the building is solid. Questions? Comments? Lonely? E-mail me at minas2112@yahoo.com END

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