Dromed Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting FAQ

Q. Dromed cannot find a GUI font!
A. Place all the files from the dromed zip into the Thief folder, letting it overwrite files.

Q. Dromed says cannot find CD!
A. Try re-installing the game, re-installing the patch, and then re-installing Dromed, in that order.� It has been known to work.

Q. I don’t have any of those problems, but Dromed still doesn’t work right! Help!
A. The rule of thumb is, if dromed is broken, try re-installing the game.

Q. Will dromed mess up my Thief save games?
A. If you have a Thief game in progress, a wise idea would be to install a second copy of Thief on another hard drive partition, and work with dromed on that one. Dromed shouldn’t mess up your game, but the user may. Play it safe.

Q. I’ve tried loading up the maps off the CD to see edit them, but they don’t seem to be working right!
A. The CD levels were ‘stripped’ when they were shipped. However, you can download them individually or in a full 35 meg file here :� THE THIEF UNSTRIPPED LEVELS.

Q. I don’t have Word! How can I read the documentation?!
A. The Thief Editors’ Guild has the documentation up on their website. You probably somehow found this FAQ there, but if you didn’t, here’s another shameless plug :� THE THIEF EDITORS’ GUILD.

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