Menu Customizations

Did you know that all the items in the Windows menu are just links to DromEd commands? They are in “menus.cfg”.
You can add often-used commands to your menu as long as they don’t require parameters to be entered, or if you include the parameters.
Here’s an example of what you can do. This will add a new menu item called “Other” that will have commands for creating stairs, spiral stairs, and moving the camera to the currently selected object.

  • Edit “menus.cfg” and find this line: menu_edit_2 &Multibrush:menu_mbrush
  • Change it to this: menu_edit_2 &Multibrush:menu_mbrush | Other:menu_other
  • Now add these lines at the bottom of the file: menu_other Stairs from brush:stair_serf | Spiral stairs from brush:spiral_serf
  • And: menu_other_1 Camera to object:cam_to_brush

Voila! New menu items next time you start DromEd.
I also removed all the “&” characters from this file. That’s what puts an underline under the “hotkey” for the menu item, and since these don’t work anyway, it’s less confusing not to have them.

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