Gamesys Tutorial

This tutorial covers T1/TG and T2. The mechanics of the Gamesys are identical in each.

What is a Gamesys?
A Gamesys is a .gam file that contains the information in the Object Hierachy.

When do I need a custom Gamesys?
Whenever you make any kind of change to the objects in the Object Hierachy, except for Flow Groups and Rooms.

How do I create a custom Gamesys?
Start with making the changes you want in the Object Hierachy.
Then click on File and Save Gamesys.
Select a suitable name for you .gam file. Don’t name it the same as your .mis file, it’s easy to confuse the two and save in the wrong format. That is not good! And don’t overwrite dark.gam either!
The next step is to enter the command set_gamesys ####, (where #### is the name of the .gam), in the box on the lower right.
And save your mission. Use Save Mission, not Save Cow!

So what if I want to change my Gamesys later?
Simply Save Gamesys and make sure you save it under the same name as last time.

What if I want the default Gamesys back?
Use the command set_gamesys dark, and save your mission.

I think that about covers it. Happy Gamesys’ing!

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