Folder Setup

This guide describes the layout of folder that can be zipped and run from ThiefLoader.

The main folder

Name this whatever you called your mission. For the rest of the instruction we will call our game TEST. Obviously, the .mis and .gam files will go here. You will also need to create the following sub folders: Books, Intrface, and Strings. If you have custom AI skins then you’ll need to make a folder called “mesh” and for custom objects you’ll need a folder called “obj”. If you have a briefing create a folder named “movies”. Now with those folders created we will go through them one at a time.


The Books folder will have all the readable str files for the books, scroll, etc in the game. If you are doing multi-lingual books, create subdirectories of this directory named English, French, and German. English files go to the English directory, French files to the French dir, German files to the German directory.


The Intrface folder contains a few things:
1. A sub-folder labeled Miss## (whatever number your mission is saved as)
The Miss## sub-folder contains three things: a goals.str, a Newgame.str, and a pcx image that is the map.

The goals.str defines text for the goals you sweat bullets over in Dromed. It is typed like this:

fiction_0: “Goal #1 long version”
text_0: “Goal #1 short version.”
What this means is that Fiction is a long description of the goal. And Text is a short description of the goal. And you continue the goals in order:
fiction_1: “Goal”
text_1: “Goal”
fiction_2: “Goal”
text_2: “Goal”

Newgame.str is what defines text for the New Game screen. Your best bet is to copy another Newgame.str from another mission and edit it to your liking. Here’s an example:

difficulty: “Difficulty:”
start_training: “Start Training”
skip_training: “YOUR TITLE HERE”
options: “Options”
cancel: “Cancel”
diff_0: “Normal”
diff_1: “Hard”
diff_2: “Expert”

The pcx images are labeled in order; Page001 is the first page of the map, page002 is the second page, page003 is page 3, etc. If they are not named in this way, the game won’t recognize them.

Mutli-lingual support can be added to all three of these elements using the same method that is used for books.


This folder contains 3 string files: Missflag.str, Title.str, and Objnames.str. Actually the Objnames string is only needed if you are having custom names for items..Like Basement Key.

Missflag.str tells Thief in what order your game is played. Again your best bet is to copy someone elses missflag.str and edit it to your liking. Here is the Missflag.str set-up to play only miss25:

// Valid mission flags //
// skip This mission doesn’t exist; it should be skipped.
// no_briefing Skip the briefing movie
// no_loadout Skip the loadout
// cutscene Play a cutscene immediately afterward
// end End the game when this mission is completed
// miss_1: “skip”
miss_2: “skip”
miss_3: “skip”
miss_4: “skip”
miss_5: “skip”
miss_6: “skip”
miss_7: “skip”
miss_8: “skip”
miss_9: “skip”
miss_10: “skip”
miss_11: “skip”
miss_12: “skip”
miss_13: “skip”
miss_14: “skip”
miss_15: “skip”
miss_16: “skip”
miss_17: “skip”
miss_18: “skip”
miss_19: “skip”
miss_20: “skip”
miss_21: “skip”
miss_22: “skip”
miss_23: “skip”
miss_24: “skip”
miss_25: “no_briefing, no_loadout, end”

If you have a store to buy thing in you remove the “no_loadout” line so it looks like this:

miss_25: “no_briefing, end”

If you have a briefing then you remove the “no_briefing” line so it looks like this:

miss_25: “no_loadout, end”

If you have both a store and a briefing it will look like this:

miss_25: “end”

You must keep the “end” so that Thief knows to stop.


This string file is what’s displayed on the goals screen. There is a long version and short version of the title:

title_25: “YOUR TITLE HERE long version”

short_25: “YOUR TITLE HERE short version”

As with the Missflag it is best to just copy someone elses and edit it to your liking.


The string file is only needed if you plan on renameing an item in your game. This is what it would look like. Be aware that all the names in this file must stay; you add the ones you need as shown by the example.

Name_AirPotion: “Breath Potion”
Name_AirTalisman: “Talisman of Air”
Name_AncientHammer: “Ancient Hammer”
Name_Apple: “Apple”
Name_BaffordScepter: “Builder’s Scepter”
Name_Blackjack: “Blackjack”
Name_bone: “Bone”
Name_bones: “Bones”
Name_Bottle: “Bottle”
Name_Bowl: “Bowl”
Name_BreadLoaf: “Loaf”
Name_broadhead: “Broadhead Arrow”
Name_Candle: “Candle”
Name_Carrots: “Carrots”
Name_Cheese: “Cheese”
Name_Chisel: “Chisel”
Name_Corpse: “Corpse”
Name_Crate: “Crate”
Name_Cucumber: “Cucumber”
Name_DeerLeg: “Deer Leg”
Name_EarthArrow: “Moss Arrow”
Name_EarthTalisman: “Talisman of Earth”
Name_ExplosiveCharge: “Explosive Charge”
Name_FakeEye: “Fake Eye”
Name_firearr: “Fire Arrow”
Name_FireTalisman: “Talisman of Fire”
Name_Flashbomb: “Flash Bomb”
Name_Food: “Food”
Name_GasArrow: “Gas Arrow”
Name_GasMine: “Gas Mine”
Name_Gear: “Gear”
Name_Goblet: “Goblet”
Name_GoldBone: “Golden Bone”
Name_H2OTalisman: “Talisman of Water”
Name_Hammers: “Hammer”
Name_HandOGlory: “Hand of Glory”
Name_HealingPotion: “Healing Potion”
Name_HolyH2O: “Holy Water”
Name_Jar: “Canister”
Name_key: “Key”
Name_LCCanopic: “Canopic Jar”
Name_LockPick: “Lock Pick”
Name_SqLockPick: “Square-toothed Lockpick”
Name_TrLockPick: “Triangle-toothed Lockpick”
Name_BothPicks: “Lock Picks”
Name_LostCityJar: “Jar”
Name_Medallion: “Medallion”
Name_Mine: “Mine”
Name_multimold: “MultiMold”
Name_noise: “Noisemaker Arrow”
Name_Pan: “Cooking Pot”
Name_Papyrus: “Papyrus”
Name_Pick: “Pick”
Name_PlainVase: “Vase”
Name_Plate: “Plate”
Name_Potted1: “Potted Plant”
Name_PrizedFirePoker: “Fireplace Poker”
Name_Quintus: “Horn of Quintus”
Name_RopeArrow: “Rope Arrow”
Name_Rosary: “Rosary Beads”
Name_Rubble: “Rubble”
Name_Scroll: “Scroll”
Name_Skillet: “Skillet”
Name_Skull: “Skull”
Name_StoneHammer: “Stone Hammer”
Name_Swords: “Sword”
Name_TheEye: “The Eye”
Name_Tray: “Tray”
Name_Utensil: “Knife”
Name_water: “Water Arrow”
Name_water_holyarrow: “Holy Water Arrow”
Name_Webs: “Webs”
Name_WoodSpoon: “Spoon”
Name_WoodBowl: “Wooden Bowl”
Name_FelixNotes: “Felix’s Notes”
Name_HotTip: “Hot Tip”
Name_Tip: “Tip”
Name_Bedroll: “Bedroll”
Name_PrayBook: “Prayer Book”
Name_ConSword: “Constantine’s Sword”
Name_GemCutter: “The GemCutter”
Name_BuildChisel: “The Builder’s Chisel”
Name_SwordHilt: “Sword Hilt”
Name_JunkLever: “Lever Handle”
Name_Lever: “Lever”
Name_TheTalismans: “Talismans”
Name_Doorknob: “Doorknob”
Name_CeremonialHammer: “Holy Symbol”
Name_corpse: “Corpse”
Name_BlessedHammer: “Blessed Holy Symbol”
Name_Fruit: “Fruit” Name_Coins: “Coins”
Name_WCKey: “Wine Cellar Key”
Name_CemKey: “Cemetery Key”
Name_ArmoryKey: “Armory Key”
Name_Martello: “Brother Martello”
Name_Renault: “Brother Renault”
Name_HighPriest: “High Priest”
Name_Basso: “Basso”
Name_UncBody: “Unconscious Body”
Name_SpeedPotion: “Speed Potion”
Name_Hallpass: “Novice Credentials”
Name_ckey: “Courtyard Key”
Name_srkey: “Storage Room Key”
Name_crkey: “Basement Key”
Name_compass: “Compass”
Name_pickhelp: “Lockpicking Instructions”
(If copying this text from your browser fills the text with HTML tags, get the file HERE.)

And don’t forget to include a GameInfo text file so Thiefloader/Darkloader can give info to the player about the mission.

Download a zipped example file for DromEd 1 HERE.

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