Thief 2 Patch Problems ???

Patching Thief 2 Firstly let me say I am not endorsing using a copied game of Thief 2. You should own the original. This tutorial will work for Thief and Thief Gold too What do I need to do first? Download Unsafedisk from my website It can be found on the downloads page. Do a FULL install of Thief 2. Then Apply the version 1.18 patch. If you try to run Thief 2 now it says you need to put the correct cd into the drive. What Now? I have done a FULL install and got the file. Now how do I use it? Install UnSafedisk to where ever you like then double click UnSafedisk.exe. Now click on Decrypt Game Then you need to browse to the Thief 2 folder and find the file Thief2.icd Then click open. Unsafedisk is now removing the cd protection to Thief 2 which is the reason the patch doesn’t work. Now there should be 2 .exe files created (I cannot remember the name as it’s been a while since I patched mine.) double click the first one. If Thief 2 loads up then You’ve done it!. Close down Thief 2 and rename the file to Thief2.exe and remember to backup your original first!. If the first one doesn’t work then try the second file and try to run it again. One of them should work. Now you can install and run Dromed v 1.18 too. Happy Thieving This document is ©2001 Thorin Oakenshield.

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