Qvars – The Omni-Objective Tool!

QVarTraps, which is there full name, more commonly called QVars, are a way to make invisible/visible objectives. They can be found under Object Hierarchy>fnord>TrapTrig>QVarTrap. QVarTrap stands for Quest Variable Trap. And they are used to modify your objectives. Say, for example, you want the player to have an invisible objective turned visible when he reads a scroll. Make the scroll a “PosterScroll” found under the “Plaque” archetype in “Decorative”. Now Add>S>Scripts, and add the script “StdButton”. Now create a QVar, and Add>Trap>QVar. In the textbox type the number of your objective (x) then the property you want to modify in the following syntax. what you want to modify too:property to modify_x Say you want to modify goal two to be loot_total 2000 2000:loot_total_2 There! Now link the scroll to the QVar, and when you read the scroll goal two will become 2000 instead of its previous value! Say you want to make a goal visible! 1:goal_visible_x Now your goal is visible!!!! Have fun! E-mail: spike14dromed@yahoo.com

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