VO Traps Part 1

This guide explains how to playback Garret’s comments in-game.

1. Create a concrete roombrush (tutorial HERE). Link it to the VOTrap with a ControlDevice as described. An alternate method is a TrigDoorOpen script placed on a door, which allows a CD signal to be sent when the door is opened. Remember it will happen every time that door is opened.
2. Create a VOTrap object from fnord>TrigTrap>SoundTrap>VOTrap (-4862)
3. Do a ControlDevice link from the Room Brush to the VOTrap.
Flavor: ControlDevice
From: RoomBrush ID#
To: VOTrap (-4862)
4. Look up the sound file name you want to play, for example, I used Sound:Schema:PLAYER_SPEECH:garm0404 and remember the ID# -1923. But you can just type in the name.
5. Add a SoundDescription Link to the VOTrap.
Flavor: SoundDescription
From: VOTrap
To: garm0404 or -1923
6. Build Room Database and Compute Pathfinding Database.
7. Portalize.
8. All Done.

Download a zipped example for DromEd 1 HERE.

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