Custom Textures

Do NOT confuse this with custom skins.
1)Open your Thief folder.

2)Create a new folder and label it fam.

3)Open your new folder and create a new folder in it and call it whatever you like. For this tutorial we will call it “custom”.

4)With Photoshop open a picture file that you want to use as a custom texture. The one I will use is a jpeg file named “raw”

5)Select “image”-“Mode”-and change to-“indexed color”


7)Color depth-“8 bits/pixel”


9)Dither “Diffusion”

10)Select “OK”

11)Save a copy (as PCX format) in your folder “custom” Name it anything you like. We’ll call it “alpha”

12)Close your original jpeg and don’t save.

13)Open your new PCX picture “alpha” For the textures you create to work they have to follow the sizes that Dromed used for it’s own textures. As an example I’ll use one from the texture file “rescor_1” called “Hothou1” Select “image” “size” and it is width= 128 pixels height= 128 pixels, Print size= 0.267 x 0.267 and Resolution is 480 pixels per inch. Now this texture works out to be 4ft x 4ft in Dromed. So we have to make our picture the same size to work.

14)With the picture “alpha” active select “image” “Image size”

15)You will see that it is W= 320 pixels, H= 240 pixels, Print size= 4.444 in. x 3.333in, and resolution= 72 pixels per inch.

16)Close this window because we have to crop the image to a square.

17)Try to cut out 3.333 x 3.333 and move the marquee tool to center where you want it to cut.

18)Select “edit” “cut” then close “alpha” but dont save.

19)”file” “new” “OK” then “edit” Paste”

20)Select “image” “image-size”

21)My new pic is w=252 pixels h=240 pixels,Print size= W=3.5inch x H= 3.333 inch. That’s close enough for me but use your judgement.

22)Uncheck the box “Constrain Proportions”.

23)In resolution, change it to “480” pixels/inch

24)In Pixel Dimensions, change Width to “128” and Height to “128”

25) so you are left with, W=128 pixels, H= 128pixels, Printsize=W= 0.267inH= 0.267inc, Resolution= 480 pixels/inch

26) Select “OK”

27)Select “File” “save” and name it “alpha” PCX. Save it in your new folder “custom”

28)Now with “alpha” still open select “file” “save a copy” and save it in your folder “custom” but name it “full”

29)Close Photoshop and open Dromed and open your cow file.

30)Type in add_family custom then select “Alt+T” and there it is.

I would like to thank, Buglesoft, Apache, Laz, Gingerbreadman and Daxim for their help in figuring this all out. Without their help I couldn’t have done it.

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