Thief 2 Texture Families

Texture families in Thief II We all know what all the texture families are, and finding them out is easy, but that isn’t the problem. A good level needs a great choice of textures and it is the knowledge of what each family contains and when they are best used in certain places that are most important. The following describe what are in each family, just a brief description but hopefully a helpful guide. I just thought I would do this for my own personal use because I hate having to search for a texture that fits in right with what I want. I decided to post it, for the community. If you want to talk I’ll be in #thief about any texture problems, or anything dromed2 related I will offer my help. There’s a lot of talent who hang about in #thief so you will find solutions to most if not all problems there.

ancient – Consist of textures based on ancient bricks, sandstone\pyramid and tomb textures with some other textures which artistic colourful design.

ArtDeco – Ceiling, walls. Panels and borders with an artistic decoration on them. Mainly consist of modern wood and metals with no decay.

ArtDmisc – modern bookshelfs, many metallic windows with artistic design.

ArtDout – Very nice wooden wall textures, green coloured metals buttons – button textures with numbers 0 to 9 on them, used for combination locks catacomb – old textures, best used for churches, catacomb’s, crypts, graveyards.

Cave – For rocks, mountains, caves. (Only rock textures are featured in this family)

CeilPain – bright wooden ceiling textures. church – not many textures in here. only a few hammer symboled textures

city – rooftops, stonework, bricks, doors, windows, metals that all all good for creating your city.

CivicB2 – pale stone textures for texturing civic builds (town halls, banks). stone carvings marble… A more roman and organised look for a buildings.

CivicBui – same kind of textures as ‘civicB2’

Core_1, Core_2, Core_3 – textures consisting of brickwork, stone, tiles, wood (all round basic textures). These are what should be the main familys in which to add as soon as you start a mission. They are good in all area’s of thief mission design and should be used.

keeper – old decayed textures with cobwebs. bookshelfs and decorative walls lostcity – old acient textures using tomb, pyramid and sandtone theme maw – coloured rock, moulton rocks, thick lava and a few grass and leave textures

MBfloor – textures that are all marble floors. good for use with the civic building textures but not recommended for huts, small shops, warehouses.

mech – mechanical animated textures… dials, cogs, fans, metres. good for use in making scenes such as control stations/points, mechanical workshops. Also use the ‘newmetal’ family with this to add a more mechanical effect.

mine – mine textures. wagon tracks, cave floors. use with ‘cave’ and add wooden beams in ‘core in either ‘core_1’, ‘core_2’, ‘core_3’ on the sides and overhead.

newcity – a few extra city textures facade ‘front of building’ textures newkeep – modern ‘keeper’ textures. bookshelfs, stones, a few carbets, walls, windows.

newmech – a newer look for the ‘mech’ textures. animated mechanical textures but with a more vaished and clean look. Use with ‘newmetal’ to create a more mechanical effect to workshops, control rooms etc.

newmetal – a newer look for the ‘metal’ type textures but with a more clean approuch. consist of iron and bronze metals.

numbers – small black textures with oranged coloured numbers 0 to 9 on each.

outtakes – lava textures ramirez – two textures not worth looking at or using.

rescor_1, rescor_2 – two familys with stained glass windows, bricks, stones, flowers, banners a few marble floors (not as good as ‘MBfloor’) walls and decorative textures theses texture familys are alike the core ones, they should always be considered in a mission. (well it depends on the mission)

ruined – these textures follow that or the core textures but with a more used and ruined feel to them

sky, skyhw – you don’t need to use these as there only purpose is to be display the sky above which are defined in the >editors>mission parametres menu.

stainglass – one stainglass texture (which looks great) and another texture which looks rather wierd

tower2 – a few textures with not much use. if your designing a mission with some mysterious aspect then have a look.

vicm012, vicM01, vicM04 – attractive wooden textures for cielings, borders, trims, edges. Can be used vicm07, vicM09 in a skillfull way to design your own furnature if you so desire. Also included are those patterned wallpaper textures. These are good for building the insides of the richer buildings.

vmaw2 – a few old wood textures vmaw – stone and wooden tree textures

vmawTB – one texture, the black wooden tree vmawwin – a few ice and snow textures

Vrescor1 – rugs and carpets

vwater, water, waterhw – water textures, not needed.

Wdfloor – some very nice wooden floor textures.

by MaD-SaM

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