Creating carpets and rugs can be quite the challenge, especially if you have no idea how to do it. This guide will solve that problem.

First off, I assume you already have a room built, for that would be the requirement for having a rug. With that aside, let’s begin.

1) Create a new air brush by clicking and dragging in the window, then letting go.

2) Resize the air brush to the dimensions of D:9.13 W:16.00 H:0.13

3) Hold shift and drag the air brush down to the floor, just barely hovering above it.

4) Type “add_family vrescor1” in the console window to add the rug and carpet textures into your texture palette.

5) Press ALT+T to bring up the texture palette, now select “rug17” from the available choices.

6) With the texture palette still open and the rug17 texture selected, click on the top of the air brush in the 3D window.

7) Now press ALT+T again to close the texture palette, then portalize and your done! Hit ALT+G to enter the game and test out your new rug!

Different textures require different dimensions, even different rugs. It just requires a lot of patience, a lot of experimenting, and a handy calculator to figure out those dimensions for each texture!

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