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— More on the Sky, By Datoyminatah, Catalyst and EvilSpirit —

Click on the “Editors” menu, and select “Mission Parameters”. On the dialog that comes up, select “Sky Rendering Mode” and press OK. Choose “Textures” rather than “Stars”.

And there I’m stuck looking at the Jorge texture on the sky. I think I got this working once but can’t remember how now.

(Ed’s Note: The below appears to be a response to the section above.)

In addition to the thing you say, you have to load a sky texture. I believe the command is “load_sky (filename)”.
As with all commands in DromEd referring to filenames, you don’t have to give the extension (probably .pcx). DromEd will figure that out for itself.

I have not gotten load_sky to work yet. I’ve tried loading many textures this way, it always says sky loaded but I still see jorge. I’ll keep working on it.

The stars are quite interesting though. Seems they are not just a boring texture after all. With set_star_count ## you can set the number of stars you see. With set_star_rate ## you can set how fast they move across the sky. Yes, that’s right. Now, has anyone ever noticed them moving in game?

I thought I’d post right away, these are the star commands I have not gotten too yet:

  • set_star_axis : which axis (0-2) rotates
  • star_base_color : first valid palette
  • star_num_colors : number of palette colors
  • d3d_stars : toggle doing d3d stars
  • span_sky : toggle doing span stars

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