Creating Moonlight

This is a pretty neat, simple effect that ONLY works for Thief 2. Intermediate and advanced users probably already know how to do this.

To include moon/sunlight in your mission, open DromEd and follow this path:

Editor->Mission Parameters->Rendering Parameters

Now, check the tab that says “Use Sunlight” and the one that says “Quad Sunlight.” After that, adjust the brightness and hue as if it were a colored light. If you want something like the moon, try using 0.35 to 0.4 as a value, which is a bluish shade that looks pretty good for moonlight, especially on plants. If you want the sun at noon, use 0.2 for orangish/yellowish light. Sunsets should be set to anything below 0.2 or above 0.8 (the scale goes from 0.0 which is red to 0.5 which is blue to 1.0 which is red, basically a double RGB lighting scale). Here is a quick overview of the colors you get with certain values (if my memory serves me correctly):

0.0 – Red
0.1 – Orange
0.2 – Golden
0.3 – Green
0.4 – Bluish/Greenish
0.5 – Blue
0.6 – Bluish/Greenish
0.7 – Green
0.8 – Golden
0.9 – Orange
1.0 – Red

Keep in mind that using sunlight in your FM WILL lengthen the lighting process of portalization significantly, especially with objcast on. It is best to leave it for screenshots to show off or until you are nearly done with your mission.

If you have questions, comments or corrections regarding this tutorial, email me at VLADIGUY@CS.COM.

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