Keys and Locked Doors

This tutorial explains how to setup locked doors and keys to open them.

First, create a door from the Object Hiearchy and place it in the air brush where you want the door. Edit it’s properties. We need to make the door locked, so click on Add>EngineFeatures>Locked. This brings up a small options box. Check the option to make it locked, then click OK. Next, click Add>EngineFeatures>KeyDst. This brings up a box for assigning the door to the key. There are 3 options:

MasterBit: (leave unchecked)
RegionMask: (place any number 1-999)
LockID: (place any number 1-999)


MasterBit: unchecked
RegionMask: 1
LockID: 1

Simply use a different LockID number if you have another key that should only unlock a different door. Configure these options as desired, and click OK.

Now we need to make the key. The physcial>Key hierarch in the Object Heirarchy has 6 keys to pick from. Keep in mind that the ones that are named Key1 thru Key5 are the only ones the look like keys. Open the Properties window for the key. Click Add>EngineFeatures>KeySrc. This brings up a box for assigning this key to the door. There are the same three options that are in the KeyDst property: MasterBit, RegionMask, and LockID Just give them all the same values as you did in the KeyDst property, and click OK.

For more advanced information on doors and keys, look at the document on the subject in the OFFICAL DROMED DOCS.

Download a zip with an example file for DromEd 1 HERE.

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