Lighting Tips

This guide describes some alternate lighting methods.

1. Hacklights/Omnilights: An omni/hacklight is really just a invisible light source. To make an omnilight, either click on the “light” button next to the command box, create a Fnord>hacklights>omnilght. You usually want to edit the the brightness of the light on these, as the 150 brightness is generally to bright.

2. Spotlights: Spotlights are exactly what the name implies. They are used to spotlight an area on a wall, floor or anywhere else you want a light directly focused on. To make a spotlight, create a Fnord>hacklights>spotlight. You might manipulate the spotlight up, down, and to the sides to get the light to shine the right way. Spotlights are good for making hallways of ceiling lanterns that have a network of shadows inbetween them. This allows for one of the finer aspects of Thief to show….sneaking.

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