Lights & Switches

Just linking a switch to light doesn’t cut. Here are the steps to get a light to work with a On/Off lever or switch:

Switch: Edit the properties of the switch archetype (NOT the concrete object), and look at Tweq>Joints: property. Make note of any JointXAnimC properties set with the Sim parameter. Now, edit the Tweq>JointStates: property of the concrete switch object (NOT the archetype). Any joints that had the JointXAnimC property set with the Sim parameter in the Tweq>Joints: dialog box need to be set with the On parameter. If the light will be off initially, set the Reverse parameter for the joints also. Now link the switch to the light with a ControlDevice link.

Light: If you are using a torch or one of the Old lights, ignore this section, unless you want your lights to be off initially. If you want the light to be off initially set the Mode property of Renderer>Anim Light to minimum brightness. This applies to all types of lights.
For the new (non-Old) electric lights, edit the properties of the light and then edit the Light property. Set the brightness to zero. Now, add the property Renderer>Anim Light. Enter a min and max brightness, making sure that the maximum brightness is greater than 0, and greater than minimum brightness. Then add the property S>Scripts and type ‘AnimLight (minus the quotes, and it’s case sensitive) in the first text field. Click OK.

Recalculate lighting and enjoy!

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