This guide explains how to set up lockpicks and pickable doors.

First, give Garrett the lockpicks (Duh!). Use LockPickSM and LockPickLG rather than BothLockPicks.

Make the door, chest or whatever you want to be picked. Edit it’s properties. Click Add> Engine Features: Locked and check the box, then click Add>Dark gamesys: PickCfg

There are 3 different possible stages of the lock, and each has 4 settings. If you leave all of the settings on a stage blank, that stage will be ignored.

LockBits: This specifies which pick will work with this stage. 0 means neither will work, 1 means the Square-toothed will work, 10 means the Triangle-toothed one will work, and 11 means either will work.
Pins: This is the number of pins in this stage of the lock. Eack pin inside a stage is picked with the same pick, and makes a click once it is picked. If this is set to 0, you won’t see the lock move while you’re picking the lock.
TimePct: Tthis is the time it takes to pick each pin in the stage.
Flags: “Randomise time”, as you would expect, randomises the time taken to pick each pin. I’m not sure what “Reset on fail” does.

An Example: For a lock on which you have to change picks once, and the second stage takes longer than the first:

LockBits 1: 1
Pins 1: 2
TimePct 1: 1
Flags 1: [none]

LockBits 2: 10
Pins 2: 5
TimePct 2: 1
Flags 2: [none]

Lockbits 3: 0
Pins 3: 0
TimePct 3: 0
Flags 3: [none]

Download a zipped example for DromEd 1 HERE.

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