Secret Doors

Secret Doors by St. Patrick

First off… You have your default room, right? Make a starting point (->fnord->marker, and under links make flavor PlayerFactory, the from the Marker’s ID and the to “Garrett”).Add another room, a small one perfectly 4 wide, 8 high and however deep you want (preferably 4 or more.) Add another room about 16 wide by 16 high by 50 deep. Connect them all, so you start in the original DromED supplied room, then there’s the ‘doorway’ and the other room. Light them as you wish, and make them rooms (shift+ins.)

In the objects hierarchy, add physical -> terrainlike -> doors -> slidy_door -> 4x8secret_door. Place it in the doorway, perfectly aligned with the wall of your starting room. Under it’s properties, add ->door->spinny_door (or slidy, but i haven’t tried that yet) and in the windows you get, set Closed Angle to 0 and Open Angle to 90. Portalize and everything, and go into game mode. Go up to the door and try to open it. (It should open ok) Go back into editor mode, and if the door had opened away from you, that’s good, but if it opened towards you, rotate it 180 degrees. Hit Alt-T and look at the texture you’re using for the wall the door is supposed to blend into. Note the path and filename (when you click on the texture you want, the filename is in the middle of the status bar at the bottom of the DromED window. Go under the door’s properties, and add -> Shape -> TxtRepl r0. In the window that pops up, type in the path and filename, ex: “fam\bafford\b22” and click ok, done. Back in the 3D view, the door’s texture should look like your wall. If not, reportalize and go ingame.

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