The Tweq Property

The Tweq Property by Belboz

open properties of transformer1

add Tweq/JointsState
AnimS = on
Joint1AnimS = on

add Tweq/Joints
Halt = continue
AnimC = OneBounce
CurveC = JitterLow,JitterHi
PrimaryJoint = 1
Joint1AnimC = OneBounce
Joint1CurveC = JitterLow,JitterHi
rate-low-high = 4 0 200 (use any numbers you like 4=rate 0=low point on dial 200=high point on dial)

add Script

then add a marker with a ambientsound tapping sound added to make it sound like its working. Now your transformer looks like its working. Got this information from the transformer in the cathedral’s basement from the thief original missions

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