Coronas by Z

The Thief2 DarkEngine does support coronas, they just aren’t used in the original game.

Select any light-source object ( it should have a yellow box ) in Dromed and enter it’s properties. Coronas can be found under Renderer > Corona. There are 5 fields:

Radius Up Close, Radius at Max.Dist and Max. Dist. Visible are simple, use them to control size.

Alpha ranges from 0 to 1, essentialy the translucency of the corona. 1.00 is fully visible, 0 is invisible. Around 0.3 is good.

Texture is the corona texture. These are .tga files stored in bitmap.crf. There are 8 files in all, some with different colours.

The basic ( white ) one is corona.tga. Orange is cororn.tga, blue is corblu.tga, and so on.

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