Making A Custom Spellcaster

Creature; Model Name – Voice
Haunt; exphamz4 – vhaunt
HammerZombie; – hammzom vzomb
Zombie; expZOM – vzomb
Murus; expmurus – vmurus
Apparition; expbeneg – vappart
Apebeast; expconms – vapes
BugBeast ; bug3 – vbug
Frogbeast; expfrog – vfrog
Trickster; expcon – vcon
Spiderbeast; spidbea – vspider
Craybeast; mawcray – vcray
FireElement; vfire – fire1
ham guard; exphamh4 – hammrs
ham worker; expham2 – hammrs
ham novice; exphnovi – hammrs
ham priest; exphamw2 – hammrs
ham corpse; expbeneg – hammrs
Maleserv1; expserv2 – normal1
Femserv1; expwo1 – normal2
Femserv2; expwo2 – normal2
Femserv3; expwo3 – normal2
Merchant; merchant – normal1
sword guard; mguard – guards
BaffGuard; mguard – guards
RamirezGuard; expramg2 – guards
Con Guard; exphcngs – guards
BaffSergeant; expbafes – guards
RamirezSarge; expramsg – guards
bow man; bowman2 – guards
RamirezBowMan; expramb2 – guards
ConBowman; expcobo – guards
thief; expgarsw
KeeperAgent; expkeeph
Burrick; burrick – vburr
DeadBurrick1; burdead – vburr
DeadBurrick2; burdead2 – vburr
Crayman; crayman – vcray
Spider; spidey7 – vspider
HugeSpider; spidey7 – vspider
SewerSpider; spidally – vspider


The following tutorial should explain why.


This is only one way to do it, it is meant to encourage you to use your imagination and think of some interesting variations or completely different creatures. Firstly prepare everything (load script etc.) Then make your room desired size about 30×30 will suffice, insert a light near the top of the room. Portalize. Next make the starting point at the opposite end of room with the light. Insert an Apparition, physical>creature>undead, place it near the light and floor it.

Now there’s a few things you need to change in the Apparitions Properties:

i) An Apparition>Renderer>Extra Light Delete This
ii) Apparition>Renderer>Extra Light and Transparency Delete Both
iii)Apparition>Shape>Model Name (double click) change to merchant
iv)Apparition>Speech>Voice (double click) change to vapes

Now delete all of the GhostShots (they will be in the middle of the room. Create Physical>Projectile>CritterShots>firebolt

Click on the Apparition and then goto the Links, Add Contains with From (apparition number) To (firebolt number) CulpableFor should have appeared if not add it with the same From and To Add AIProjectile with From (Apparition number) To (firebolt number)

Now for some finishing touches, Create SFX>hauntsmoke make two of them

Now for both goto Links and Add ParticleAttachment, double click on ID number change the following; Type : Joint Joint : left fingers (for one) right fingers (for other) Now change the Properties for both; Add>Renderer>Self Lit :10

Additional things you can change, goto the Links for the firebolt and double click on the ID number for AIProjectile, now change; Selection Desire to Very High, Accuracy to Very High, Check the Leads Target box, Launch Joint to right wrist.

It is possible to change the max distance that the firebolt can be fired among other things by going to AI>Ability Settings>Ranged Combat in the Properties of the Apparition

Surround the room with a Room, Compute Pathfinding Database etc. Portalize!

This is only changing basic things, there are many other things to change too, for example Act/React>Receptrons, this will allow you to make the creature react differently to what you do, for example affected by holy arrows. You can do really complex things with this. I’m looking for a way to make creatures levitate like a fire elemental, it’s only a matter of time.

Experiment! Put your creature up for download! And have fun!


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