Fiddling with models

By Cricket God

Well this is my first tutorial and I just started firuring this out this morning so I hope this is clear enough to do any good. Well here it goes. Please note that I use Theif: The Dark Project and I’m not sure if I use D1 or D2. Ok this will be short. If you go into the object hyearchy and go into physical>projectiles and you’ll find a set of arrows and some other stuff. Now lets start with the Broad Head arrow. Click on it and press edit. Now you may have to do some expanding but somewhere in there is the line “modle name:” without the brackets. Click on it and press edit and change the name to DeerLeg. Press done and then select Broad Head Arrow and press create. Place it somewhere in the level and press alt G. Pick up the deer leg and select Broad Arrow and and shoot it. If all went well you should arm and shoot a dear leg istead of a regular arrow. Well there you have it. I will try to post a thing on swords and stuff when I get that to work to. Have fun.

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