Ice Arrow

by Jake

Hi there!!! I just figured this out, and this is my first tutorial here, so it’s likely to be rather incomprehensible. (did I spell that right?) Anyways, I am about to try to tell you how to make an ice arrow for T2. This tutorial can be used for T1, too, probably, but I never tried it. This tutorial requires a basic knowledge of saving, setting, and general messing with your gamesys. It also requires an ability to understand my yakking. (Ok, I’ll try to keep my yakking to a minimum.) Here goes:

First, you need the ice arrow model. I might post one on my site later, if your lucky. To make your own, if you have 3D studio or Anim8or, (which is free. DOWNLOAD IT HERE) you should probably use the freetheobjects toolkit to get a different arrow into your program. Then reskin your arrow’s tip to make it lighter, then grayscale it. Then put those textures on the tip with your program, and send it back to dromed. (okay, the worst yakking’s over with. Bear with me.)

Fortunately, schwaa has provided us with the crystal model. DOWNLOAD IT HERE Now for the REAL DromEd work-

Open up DromEd. Let’s make the stim (Stimulis) first. Open the object hierarchy, and select from the pull down menu at the top, “Act/React Stimuli.” Click add, and name it IceStim. This should be a whole new stim, not a substim of any of the others. If it is, just drag it to the top of the window, and it should become it’s own stim. When you’re done with that, save your gamesys. Close and reopen dromed. Check your stims hierarchy. You should see IceStim in there somewhere. If not, do it again. When you do get it, well, keep going.

Time for the particle effects. Open the archetypes (the ordinary objects, not the stims) and go to SFX > WaterFX >H2OSplash and click add. Name it IceSplash. Open it’s properties, and add SFX > Particles. You can fidle around with this as you like, but make sure to change the color (which is probably around 31) to 1. Then add Act/React > Sources and add IceStim, Propagator: Contact, Intensity: 1. Now do the same thing for a WaterStim. Okay, your done here.

More particle FX- Open up the Archetypes section of your hierarchy, (it’s the default, with all the objects.) Go to SFX > WaterArrFX > H20Core and click add. Name it Ice Core. Do the same as you did with the other FX, (give it a particle color of 1, and and a Water and IceStim Source) and also add the Tweq > Emit property. Where it says Emit What? change it to IceSplash. Now, for the arrow itself-

Under the Physical > Projectile catagory add IceArrow. Add the following properties: Shape > Model Name: blah (or whatever your model is) SFX > Particle Type: IceCore Act/React > Sources: IceStim, Propagator- Contact, Intensity- 1 Act/React > Sources: WaterStim, Propagator- Contact, Intensity- 1 Inventory > Object Name: Name_icearr:”Ice Arrow” Engine Features > Combine Type: icearr Engine Features > Stack Count: 1 Schema > Material Tags: Material Ice Okay, that’s about it for the arrow.

Now under container make IceCrystal. Give it the following properties: Shape > Model name: blah (or whatever the model is) S > Scripts: Container. Then add Engine Features > Frob Info and change it to World Action: Script, Delete and Inv Action and Tool Action to none. Then create a concrete ice arrow and ice crystal. Link the crystal to the arrow with a contains link. Time to test it. First, save your gamesys and mission. I had some problems right about here. Open game mode and frob the crystal. you should get an ice arrow. Fire it at a wall. You should get a sound of breaking ice and an explosion of particle effects. If not, something went wrong.

If it does work, all we have left to do is make it freeze ai. Open your object hierarchy, and select Physical > Creatures and add Freezable. Drop the animal and beast catagory (and undead, if you want) into the Freezable catagory. Add the following properties to the Freezable catagory.

Act/React > Receptrons: IceStim, Effect- Damage object, Intensity min-0.5, Intensity max-no max. Then click edit lifecycle and edit it to damage your ai.

Act/React > Receptrons: IceStim, Effect- Freeze Ai, Min Intensity-0.5, Max Intensity-no max. Then click the button that says edit lifecycle or edit shape, I can’t remember. Change the duration multiplier to freeze the ai for a period of time. 2500 works well.

Test it. Change your concrete arrow’s stack count to 30, and add a freezable ai and an unfreezable ai, and try firing at both. If anything goes wrong email me at


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