Double Doors T1

By Thorndike

Thief: the Dark Project// Double Door Tutorial// // For some reason, this is the only way I get double doors to work. This tutorial takes basic dromed manipulation for granted. For more information on doors, brushes, scripts, etc., please use other tutorials.// // 1.) Create two doors.// 2.) Scripts: {StdDoor;LockSounds;TrigDoorOpen;;TRUE}// 3.) Link both doors to each other via ControlDevice links// (see figure 1)// // Figure 1:// // Links: A MetalDoor21 (479) –[Any]–> Any// ID Flavor From To Data// 01610010 ControlDevice A MetalDoor21 (478) A MetalDoor21 (479)// FEA10011 ~ControlDeviceA MetalDoor21 (478) A MetalDoor21 (479)

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