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Lockboxes – By Spike14 Lock can be found under Object Hierarchy>Physical>Lock> Create the lockbox (not proxylockbox) and slap it on the wall you want! Now, lock the lockbox (open Properties>Add>Engine Features>Locked, check the box), and setup the KeyDst property (Properties>Add>Engine Features>KeyDst, leave MasterBit alone, set RegionMask to 1, and LockID to a number you like). Now we need a key! Object Hierarchy>Physical>Key> anything in here! (Remember that only Key#s are real keys, the other one is the Keeper’s Key, remember, Lost City?) Now setup the KeySrc, Properties>Add>Engine Features>KeySrc, setup this property IDENTICALLY to the lockbox’s KeyDst. Now we need something to unlock! If you want a door open, or something to be triggered via ControlDevice, see method #2, if you want the lockbox to unlock something (switch, button, door, etc.) see method #1. METHOD #1 Create the object you want the lockbox to unlock, then open it’s Links window, and add: Flavor: Lock From: Object to be locked To: LockBox If you’re using a lockbox/switch combo on a door, it’s best to make the door unfrobbable! Set it’s Properties>Add>Engine Features>FrobInfo to: World Action: Script,Ignore. Boom! It works! METHOD #2 Create the item to be triggered when you unlock the lockbox. Open the lockboxes properties, Add>S>Scripts. In the first open slot type: “TrigUnlock”. This script sends a ControlDevice signal when the lock is unlocked. Now open the lockboxes link box. Add: Flavor: ControlDevice From: LockBox To: Object to be triggered. (P.S.: If you’re using METHOD #2 on a light, you must add an Inverter (Fnord>TrapTrig>Inverter) and link the lockbox to the Inverter, and the Inverter to the light (all links ControlDevice).) Now, find the object that’s being triggered, and Properties>Add>Engine Features>FrobInfo, change World Action to “Script, Ignore”. This will make it so YOU can’t frob the object, but the lockbox can! ALL METHODS DEALING WITH AI! If your AI are going to be patrolling through this door, things could get complicated!!! Now, give all your AI keys to this lockbox (if you don’t want the player to be able to pickpocket them, set the Contains data to “Generic Contents”). (BEFORE YOU GO ON SET YOUR SCREEN RESOLUTION TO 1024×768 OR HIGHER!!!!!!!!!!!) (Tip, you can resize your DROMED window by adding this to User.cfg in your Thief folder: edit_screen_size ###,###) Now, create a marker about five feet away from one side of the door and make it half the door’s height off the ground, and another on the other side! Now, link all the AIs that’ll be going through this door, to the two markers (separately) with an “AIWatchObj” flavor link. Now edit the data of these links. A HUGE window should come up (hence the resolution increase…) Change Player Intrusion to Self Intrusion. Now set the radius to 5, and the height to half the door’s height. Now, follow METHODAI1 if you followed METHOD#1 to lock a switch, follow METHODAI2 if you directly locked a door (without a switch) or if you followed METHOD2. METHODAI1 Change the first step to Frob Object. In Arg1 type the name (must be a unique name!) of your switch. Leave the other 2 Args blank. Change the second step to Frob Object. In Arg1 type the name (must be a unique name!) of your lockbox. Leave the other 2 Args blank. Change the third step to Frob Object. In Arg1 type the name (must be a unique name!) of your switch that’s locked by your switch. METHODAI2 Change the first step to Frob Object. In Arg1 type the name (must be a unique name!) of your lockbox. Leave the other 2 Args blank. ALL METHODS What happens, is the AI intrudes on the radius of the marker, and frobs the lockbox (and then switch) to open the door. On the other side he intrudes on the other one (hence two links!) and refrobs everything, resetting them. Why in METHODAI1 do we frob the switch twice? Because, we want Mr. AI to close the door behind him, so when he gets to the other side he frobs the switch to close the door, frobs the lockbox to lock it, then frobs the switch (this is so when he’s going back). The switch’ll be locked on the second frob, so nothing will happen! When Mr. AI goes back through the door, he’ll frob the switch (it’ll be locked), that won’t do anything, then he’ll frob the lockbox (unlocks the switch) and then he’ll frob the switch (BINGO! Door’s open!) This system is setup so AI can come/go, instead of just come! 😉 Enjoy! If you have ANY problems, e-mail Spike14 at spike14dromed@yahoo.com!

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