Object Names

By Caradavin

Tutorial on naming your objects what you want them to be. Create a basic room and starting point. Create a person,beast, whatever. Select whatever you created and click on “Properties.” Click “Add” Select “Inventory” and on its menu select “Object Name” It will say “Name:Corpse.” This is the important part. Spacing must be exact – as in there are no spaces involved. Here’s exactly what you type: Name:AMechanistA:”General Miller” Okay Name: = the Name will follow after the colon. AMechanistA: = The actual name of this named object will follow the colon. “General Miller” = That’s the actual name. Quotes are absolutely necessary. You choose the name and actual name of the object. The only parts that need to stay the same are Name and the colons and quotes. For the name of the object (AMechanistA), it is best to keep it all as one word, and it is essential NOT to name any objects alike or those will remain nameless. This works with all objects that I know of. When picked up, will have name below it. Let me know of any inconsistencies or issues with this tutorial. Caradavin@collegeclub.com

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