A Quick & Easy Third Lockpick

By Manny

Here’s a quick way to make a third lockpick. Thanks to the people of the Editor’s Guild who helped me with this by suggesting a simple method as opposed to the rather convoluted way I attempted first.

First, create your two regular lockpicks as normal through the object hierarchy at Physical->Tulz->Lockpicks. Then create a second lockpick of either the triangle or square-toothed variety. Now, open up the lockpick’s properties. On the page that comes up, there’s a number of entries. When editing any object’s properties, you must decide if you want to edit the object itself or the archetype of the object. Entries with a negative number following (Example WidgetItem (-38294) are the archetype. WidgetItem(25) Is the single item you created in your thief world, with it’s number determined by when you actually created the item Editing the archetype will make all further items of that you create work as the modified version rather than it’s default version).

Now, go to ‘add’. This will add our modifications to the physical lockpick in your fanmission. From the menu, we want to add dark gamesys>picksrc. On the box that pops up, edit the number from it’s default 1 or 10 to 100. This number is how the game will know which lockpick will work with what lock. I will give a quick rundown of how to make locks use our custom lockpick after we’re done modifying the lockpick itself.

Now, our lockpick will be able to work on properly configured locked doors, but it still looks like either the default triangle or square toothed lockpicks. Now we make it look like a third, unique lockpick. As we’re not importing a custom object, we’ll need a suitable substitute. For that, we’ll use the prized firepoker, found in the list of treasure items (I do beleive that T2 is Physical->treasure->quest->thief1questy, I’m not familiar at all with T1/TGold’s object hierarchy layout).

So… go to the firepoker in the object hierarchy, and found out it’s model name. There’s no need to create the firepoker itself in your world. Note the name of the model, in this case, fpoker. Return to your custom lockpick’s properties again, and click the add button again. This time, add Shape->Model Name, and enter in “fpoker”.

In your gameworld, your lockpick will have changed shape and now looks like the firepoker. However, the poker is a big thing, rather than a small lockpicking tool. So, change it’s dimensions to about the same as the other lockpicks.

Now, if you pick this item up in the gameworld, it’s still labeled as it’s original lockpick. So let’s change the item’s name. Go back to the lockpick’s properties. This time we’ll add a custom object name through Inventory->Object name. To change the name correctly, copy the default name and place in the following Name:(original item name):”Prong-Toothed LockPick”. It’s important that there are no spaces anywhere besides inside the quotes. No spaces between the colens or any other part of the text-string.

Now, in game, the object will be a “prong-toothed lockpick” when you pick it up. Save your mission, and also save your custom gamesys to keep the object modifications after you exit dromed and come back to editing your world later.

Now, you have the third lockpick, but don’t have a lock for it. For simple default pickcfg’s, instead of using 1, 10, or 11 for your lockbits, you can now use 1, 10, 11, 100, 101, 110, and 111. Lockbits are binary numbers from the lockpick’s Picksrc property, and tells the game which picks will work at which stage. 1 and 10 are the default picks. 11 means either pick will work. 100 is our custom pick, while 101 and 110 are combiations of the custom pick and either one of the defaults. 111 is all three picks could be used to open a particular stage of the lock.

That is it. Should you want to, this method could be used to make a number of lockpicks. Perhaps you use a splinter of wood as a particularly crude lockpick… or maybe a ‘gear’ lockpick that you could use to ‘pick’ open gearbox locks. When adding new lockpicks, to make sure that they work as unique lockpicks, be sure to give each one it’s proper PickSrc Entry. A third pick would use the number 100. A fourth pick would be 1000, a fifth would be 10000.

Happy DromEditing.

~Manny Jabrielle, Aka Manny The Thief.

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