Light Batches

By Macros56

Welcome to my latest tutorial. Last night I built a nice room that I wanted to light in an unusual way. I wanted the ceiling lights, when turned on, to turn off a group of lights that lit up a row of paintings and vice-versa. Needless to say, I found my answer. Try this:

First, place your lights. Make sure each light has the AnimLight property instead of Light. Also, make sure each light has the S>Script property set to “AnimLight”.

Now, put two switches on the wall. One switch will control the first batch, such as my ceiling lights. Connect this switch to each of the ceiling lights using the “ControlDevice” link.

Move the second switch behind the wall and link it to all of the other lights, such as the row of spotlights on the paintings. You should make sure that one of the groups is lit, and one is not. The switch that is on should have it’s jointstates as such:

  • AnimS – On
  • MiscS [None]
  • Joint1AnimS – On
  • Joint2AnimS – On

The rest should be set to [None].

For the switch to be off, set the properties as such:

  • AnimS – On, Reverse
  • MiscS [None]
  • Joint1AnimS – On
  • Joint2AnimS – Reverse

The rest should be set to [None].

Good. Now, add a Fnord>TrapTrig>Inverter, and place it behind the wall as well. Now, link the first switch, the one that is visible to the player to this inverter as a “ControlDevice”. Then, link JUST the inverter to the other switch using “ControlDevice”. Optimize, then run the level. When you activate the switch, you will hear it click, and then you will hear the other one click. If you did it correctly, you should have batches of lights flip on and off depending on the other. I know it works (I did it!), so follow the steps carefully. Here is a summary:

  1. Create two sections of lights
  2. Link one section to one switch
  3. Link the other section to the other switch
  4. Link the first switch to an inverter
  5. Link the inverter to the other switch

Thats it! DO NOT USE FROBPROXY. It may work once, but the second time you click, it will alter the switches to work as one, or they may not work at all. Believe me, I tried that first. (I dislike using inverters!)

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