Disabling Light Objects

By Macros56

Okay, I’m certain you’ve tried once or twice to put a glass chandelier in your level with an AnimLight of 0 and it still looks completely lit! Well, here comes me to the resuce!

Create an OldElecticLight and place it somewhere in the room. Open up the properties and add the property Shape>ModelName. Change the name to Chandee. Notice what happens both in the editor and the display. You should see an unlit chandelier. Now, if you don’t want to light to flicker when turned on or off, remove the “flickstate” property. Make sure you have your AnimLight set as you want (along with the script) and then you are done!

You can do this with any other light that resists being automatically turned on and off, such as the electric wall light. Just check the model name, then add the property to your light!

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