Make AI Go To Point X

This tutorial will explain everything I did to make the Goal-Bring this AI here with adding new goals afterwards.
The Demo is DarkLoader ready. Download HERE.

I’ll try to make this as easy as possible to follow (I hope).
Enclosed in the zip are pictures of link data and goals that were used for this demo.

1. Making the Trigger AI
• This is an Invisible AI that will trigger the goals. Create any type of AI. I used a male servant for this demo.
• Place him in the room that Garrett has to bring the body to.

 Open his Props
Add-Renderer-Render Type-Not Rendered
Add-Creature-Is Non-Physical and check the box
Add-AI-Attributes-Hearing and Vision- Null

 You now have an AI the is really in the room, just you can’t see or hear him/her and he/she can’t see or hear you.

2. Making the Bring Here AI
 Just create whatever type of AI you want. Note the ‘concrete’ number after it is placed.

3. Linking the 2 AIs.
• Link the TriggerAI to the TargetAI with an AIWatchObj link. Open the settings and look at the picture I have enclosed.

 I have enclosed a picture of what the link data looks like for this demo.

 The main part you need to be concerned with it the top down to the first arguement.

These are the setting of the AI and the radius fields.
Argument 1 triggers the new goal varible.
Argument 2 is just a short pause. (1 a second)
Argument 3 triggers the goal completed varible.
Argument 4 removes the lock link keeping you from exiting thru that door. 

4. QuestVarTraps and Buttons

 Create the following items and place them in a BlueRoom.

 In this demo I renamed the QVTs & Buttons to make it easier for me to remember.
Button1=GoalTrigger1 is linked to BringHereVarTrap(QuestVarTrap) with a ControlDevice.
Button2=GoalTrigger2 is linked to NewGoal(QuestVarTrap) with a ControlDevice.

 Open the Props for the BringHereVarTrap
Add-Trap-QuestVar and type in the window
=1:goal_state_n (n=whatever goal number this is)

 Open the Props for the NewGoal
Add-Trap-QuestVar and type in the window
=1:goal_visible_n (n=whatever goal number this is)

This is all you need to do to make the Bring AI here with NewGoal pop-up for your FM.
The rest is what I did to unlock that lever controling the Exit door.
Create a unbashy type works the best.
Create a Lockbox and place in a BlueRoom.
Link the Door to the Lockbox with a Lock link.
And you’ll see how I removed the link in the LinkData picture provided

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