Room Brushes as Control Devices

This guide explains how to setup so-called ‘concrete’ roombrushes, for use in triggering conversations, traps, and goto objectives.

!. Create a room brush using the normal method.
2. While the room brush is selected, click on the Create button below the name of the room brush.
3. This will bring up the Object Editor with the Room tree selected. Click Add.
4. Type in a name for your new room brush type. Something descriptive, like ‘TrapRoom’ for a room that triggers traps is a good idea.
5. Edit the custom roombrush’s properties, and click on Add>S>Scripts. Then type ‘TrigRoomPlayer’ in the first textfield, minus the quotes.

Now, to use your room brush in you level, select your new room type from the roombrush hierarchy. Click Create. It everything went well, the name of the room brush changes from ‘Default Room’ to your new room name. This indicates that the new room is now in use.

The next steps depend on how you’re using the roombrush. If you’re using it as a trigger for a trap or conversation do this:

1. Note the Object ID# of the custom roombrush. It is the number in parenthesis immediately after the name of the roombrush.
2. Note the Object ID# of your trap or conversation.
3. With the roombrush selected, click on the Links button. Add a link of the type ControlDevice. Configure like this:

Flavor: ControlDevice
From: (roombrush ID#)
To: (trap or conversation ID#)

4. Click OK.

Important note: All instances of the roombrush trigger the ControlDevice signal. So, if you have mutiple instances of the concrete roombrush, the ControlDevice signal will be triggered by each instance. Autolights are a good example of this. You need to create a unique roombrush for each light, or *all* the lights will be triggered when the player steps inside any of the roombrushes.

If you’re using the room as a goto objective, do this:

!. With your custom roombrush selected, goto the Room tree by clicking Create.
2. Make sure your roombrush is selected in the tree, and click Edit.
3. Click Add>S>Scripts…in the topmost field type ‘WelcomeRoom’ (minus the quotes). Then hit OK.

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