Ceiling Traps

This tutorial explains how to make ceiling traps after the manner of the Lost City.

Create a CrushingWall TerrainLike>Door>Slidy-Door>CrushingWall (-2641) Then edit the Shape>Model Name property to read ‘spikceil’ (minus the quotes). This is the model of the LC CeilingTrap that you wanted. Alter the bounding box (Physics>Model>Dimensions) to these settings:


Next, alter the Door>Translating property.

Closed Position = 0
Open Position = -14 this makes it drop to the ground level.
Base Speed = 60 …the higher the number the faster it goes, at this speed it kills on contact.
Axis = Y-Axis
Status = Closed
Blah blah blah..the rest can stay the same.

Now add the PokeStim and BashStim. Click Add>Act/React>Sources, and when the window comes up click on Add. This will bring up Source Editor Box
Object – this is the number of the object you are editing.
Stimulus – PokeStim
Propagtor – Contact
Intensity – 5

Repeat, but change the Stimulus to BashStim. Then close the editing boxes, and there you have it. A spiked ceiling trap that kills and will crush anything under it…so stacking boxes won’t save them…hehe. The links are as follows:
-Create a BoundsTrig and DestroyTrap
-Link the BoundsTrig to the “NEW” LCTrap with a ControlDevice
-Link the BoundsTrig to the DestroyTrap with a ControlDevice
-Link the DestroyTrap back to the BoundsTrig with a ControlDevice (thus will make it not stop if Garrett tries to beat it and grab and run).

Download a zipped example for DromEd 1 HERE.

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