Ok, I’ll try to explain but my English is not good, so… Meta property are characteristics that you can enable or disable after a certain event. For example, add the meta M-HeardAlarm to a guard, so he will react only when the alarm is ringing. Here is an exemple: Build 2 rooms. Put 1 switch connected to an alarm (use link ControlDevice) in the first room, then a guard in the second room. Add a marker in the middle of the first room. Edit characteristics of the guard then add a Meta: M-HeardAlarm to him. INSIDE this meta-properties, add the AI response signal. Configure it like this alarm; High; Add/remove Meta; Remove; M-HeardAlarm; Goto object (your marker); Enable investigate) Now, if you press the alarm, the guard comes and investigate. But if you hadn’t removed the meta-property M-HeardAlarm after the guard heard the alarm for the first time, he would continue to go to the marker without stopping (the AI makes a loop).

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