Dromed 1 to 2 Conversion

Here is a guide, as promised a while ago, which brings together, updates and corrects various D1-D2 conversion threads. I converted The Docks in about 30 minutes using this method. Credit to many TTLG forum members for this.

1) Open up your mission in D1 and use the command “do report”. Save report as textures.cmd

2) Open the report file and delete everything except the names of the textures. (they come in the format texture XxY ####. You only want to keep the name)

3) Play hunt the T2 texture. Unzip the fam.crf from the T2 CD1. Do a find file search for each of the texture names. When you find them put the line “load_a_texture folder texture”. If you don’t find the file search for one that looks similar with a pic browser and put that in place of the original texture. Make sure you keep the textures in the same order they were originaly Place the line “load_family blank” at the top of the file and save.

Alternative method, using Perl scripts
This was written by Bruny. You need Perl installed for thisĀ 

It’s got a bug in it though. Replace the line –
print OUTFILE "load_family $TextureMap{$txt} $txt\n";
print OUTFILE "load_a_texture $TextureMap{$txt} $txt\n";

Generate the report “texrep” with the “do_report” command. Copy the perl program into your Thief 1 directory. Open your DOS prompt and cd to your Thief 1 directory, e.g., “cd \game\Thief”, and execute the script by typing:

perl txtmap.pl texrep

It will generate a file called textures.cmd which you can then execute in Dromed 2 with the command “run textures.cmd”.

4) Unzip all the thief 2 textures into your thief1/fam folder. Keep the original folder structure intact. Make sure you uninstall any active FM’s first.

5) Reopen Dromed 1 and load the mission to convert

6) In the command box, type “run textures.cmd”. All the textures in the mis are now T2 textures

7) Save the mission as a COW file.

8) Exit Dromed 1 and start Dromed 2.

9) Load the COW file.

10) Type “set_gamesys blah”.

11) Save the mission as a MIS file and exit Dromed 2.

12) Open dark.cfg. Lower the “obj_min” value to something like “-18192”. Save and exit.

13) Start Dromed 2 and load the MIS file.

14) Select Thief 2’s Dark.gam file when it prompts you for the GAM file.

15) The level SHOULD load with no problems now and the object hierarchy should be Thief 2’s.

16) Type “find_lost_objs” and then “purge_missing_objs” to clear Dromed 1 objects in the “missing” folder.

17) To finalize it, make sure you type “script_load convict” and “script_load gen”.

18) Assuming it works, portalize and save the MIS file.

19) Exit Dromed and open dark.cfg.

20) Set the “obj_min” value back to the original value, which should be “-8192”.

21) Save dark.cfg and exit. Now the mission should load with no problems and should be compatible with others.

Known Issues
* The texture replacement seems to be off with some missions (2 out of 3 I tried). This may be due to where Dromed 1 loaded water/lava textures into the palette. At least you have the correct palette to re-texture.
* Torches are backwards – you’ll have to turn them round by hand. Other objects may be affected but I haven’t spotted any yet
* Some AI may need changing
* The ambient schemas are different in T2
* Some motions are different (eg. Drunk 0)
*Custom gamesys objects will be lost. That may screw-up any traps/puzzles linkages.

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